CTC Podcast 125 – They Are Who We Thought They Were

The #sjsharks are Jekyll and Hyde this year — that’s nothing new. In game 1 of the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the team were very good (and lucky) and in game 2 they were the opposite. When we say lucky, we’re not just talking about bounces, but also getting totally jobbed on a phantom interference call that ended up being a 2-goal swing, of course. But we’re not bitter. Nothing to do, though, but go out and play a better game in Vegas, though, so no ref call can be the difference in the game.

Go Sharks!

Second Podcast – Are the Sharks This Bad?

We talk about possession in our podcasts, so here is an explainer for Corsi and Fenwick, in case you are curious how ‘possession’ is tracked.

In this week’s episode, we discuss our thoughts on whether the Sharks team we’ve seen since Logan Couture’s injury are the team that was hiding behind a hot start or a mirage? Also, Alex corrects himself on Marleau’s number change way back when, we all praise Joel Ward and Tomas Hertl and wonder what the heck is wrong with Brent Burns and Brendan Dillon. Oh yeah, Mike Brown is still bad, in case you were wondering.