CTC Podcast 60 – The Nose Dive

Sweden still hasn’t had their time change, so Colin didn’t join Alex and I on the suicide watch with the Sharks on the podcast this week — his gain, I think. The #sjsharks though were bad and should feel bad. I tried to be positive — just ask Alex and twitter. But tonight’s Stars game broke me. We didn’t exactly pull our punches. Enjoy. We won’t blame you if you don’t much like what we have to say about the team right now, though.


CTC Podcast 59 – The Playoff Blues

It was an up-and-down week in Sharksland, as two playoff teams thumped our heroes, but two bad teams did what bad teams do — lost and lost hard. Which is actually a reversal of normality for the Sharks, who tend to play good teams well and fail to show up against the dregs of the NHL. Still, this week leaves us wondering — how prepared are the Sharks for the playoffs? We also talk about the Sharks’ long-time foil, the LA Kings and why they’re going to be golfing awfully soon.

CTC Podcast 58 – Portland is the Marleau of Cities

Did you hear that the Desert Dogs might not be in Arizona for much longer? Yes, we may be a San Jose Sharks podcast, but that fact is somehow important enough to us that we open the podcast discussing their trials and travails and potential new homes. But then we also find time to talk about the week’s games, an impressive win over the top team in the league, and the debut of Jannik Hansen. Four games this week, so go Sharks!

CTC Podcast 57 – The Goldobin Ejection

Nikolay Goldobin is no longer a San Jose Shark and of course in his first game as Vancouver Canuck he scored a goal. But it makes sense that he can break into the lineup of a bad team. So we discuss what forced Doug Wilson to make this call and whether this is a repeat of the Nick Bonino trade or not (though that’s a bit apples and oranges since Bonino was not a 1st rounder). Jannick Hansen is better than Travis Moen, right?  We better hope so.

All that and a lot more about two weeks of San Jose Sharks hockey.