CTC Podcast 170 – See Ya, Youths

The #sjsharks COVID breakout is over and, in a relate story, the third pairing returns to being a tire fire. We talk about COVID, how the NHL mishandled the Sharks’ initial outbreak, and how the unimaginative coaching staff simply ignored the good that came from the unintentional youth movement of the last two weeks.

CTC Podcast 169 – The COVID ‘Cuda Crew

The San Jose Sharks found themselves in a strange position this last week: missing 6 or 7 starters and their head coach thanks to COVID exposure. And somehow they proceeded to use their AHL squad to go 2-1-1. And this is not a huge shock when you remember their bottom pairing is probably ECHL quality at this point.

But I digress. We talk about COVID, the team’s return of young William Eklund to Sweden, and a lot more.