CTC Podcast 96 – The Vegas Job

The #sjsharks are coming home with one win in two chances against Vegas, but they could have been down two games to nil. So there’s work to do. Ben and Colin talk about Colin’s perspective on the Ducks’ series and his thoughts about the Vegas series before jumping into one of the worst Sharks losses of all time and the HUGE win in game two. Where do things go from here? We have thoughts.


CTC Podcast 95 – The Duck Hunt Concludes

A sweep — a veritable sweep! The San Jose Sharks now get to sit and wait for the first round to conclude before traveling to Vegas to play the Golden Knights. And will apparently be big underdogs, it seems. Alex and Ben talk about how the Sharks and Knights reached the second round, the similarities in their play against bad Pacific Division teams in the first round, and what we expect from the second round series. We also talk about what happens to the Sharks lineup when Jumbo inevitably returns to the lineup some time soon. For now, everyone rests and gets healthier — just what the doctor literally ordered.

CTC Podcast 94 – The Duck Hunt Begins

The #sjsharks were measured by most to be, at best, an even matchup for the Anaheim Ducks as this series approached, largely, I’d have to think, because of differences between how their seasons ended. Now, this mainly came down to health issues for the Sharks, with most of their 4th line and Evander Kane being injured. So, it turns out a healthy Sharks team has had their way on the road against the Ducks so far. Will this success continue for the Sharks the rest of the series? We have thoughts.