Podcast 19 – The One With the Return of the November Sharks

Three chances to clinch a playoff spot ended in whiffs and some in the fan base are panicking (as Sharks fans are want to do).  The Sharks aren’t clutch, they say. The Sharks can’t win without Marc Edouard Vlasic, they say. On the other hand, we’d argue that the big problem this week, aside from running into a hot goalie against St. Louis, was a return of mental errors and iffy goalie play. So listen in as we talk about what the Sharks need to do to have success when the playoffs arrive. Hint: some of it is out of their hands.

Podcast 18 – The One Where the Sharks Beat the East

Three of the top teams in the East have come through the California grinder in the last two weeks and the Sharks acquitted themselves pretty well in dominating them in possession and on the scoreboard. In between a couple of those games, the refs decided to award a win to Arizona, though, so it wasn’t a perfect week. Colin and Ben talk about that and how the Sharks have been managing a deeper bench despite some new injuries as the playoffs approach.

Podcast 17 – The One Where Daylight Savings Time Sucks

Colin missed a podcast, but this time it was the universe’s fault. Sorry Colin, it’s you and me next week. This week, though, Alex and I talk about Martin Jones’ pretty good few weeks, his amazing theft of a game in Calgary and the Sharks gaining ground, inexplicably, on both the Kings and Ducks right after we concluded that 3rd place was a lock. Oops! Anyway, here’s to continuing to win three of every four the rest of the way as well.

Podcast 16 – The One Where We Can Talk About Playoffs

Playoffs???!!! Yes, we can finally talk about them, because, barring an epic collapse (and remember, the Sharks only faceplant in the playoffs) they are in. They are also going to face a better team guaranteed. So, yes, if you like to drink, now is the time. We also talk about playing the Canucks three times in one week (and another team named roughly the same thing). Can’t get too angry about winning 3 out of 4 (though Ben rages about lack of discipline and bad refs, anyway).