CTC Podcast 41 – Patience is a Virtue

This wasn’t the best week for the Sharks, beating a team in disarray and losing to two others that should have been disarrayed-er. And yet, looking at how things went, we’d argue that there’s as yet no reason to panic. Many of the Sharks are playing well, though it might benefit them if DeBoer tried to ‘coach’ a bit less and maybe think about giving some of the old, less effective players some time off — perhaps even giving some time to Kevin Labanc. We talk about this and more this in this week’s podcast.

Podcast 16 – The One Where We Can Talk About Playoffs

Playoffs???!!! Yes, we can finally talk about them, because, barring an epic collapse (and remember, the Sharks only faceplant in the playoffs) they are in. They are also going to face a better team guaranteed. So, yes, if you like to drink, now is the time. We also talk about playing the Canucks three times in one week (and another team named roughly the same thing). Can’t get too angry about winning 3 out of 4 (though Ben rages about lack of discipline and bad refs, anyway).