Podcast 5 – The One With the Leathery GM

We’ve been wondering who Peter DeBoer is all season and this week we saw him COACH with a capital C (we think?). We’ll be taking next Sunday off because there’s like, real life or something, but this week we talk a little bit about the addition of even more international flavor to the Sharks (Dainius Zubrus) and A LOT about the one-game impact of the benching of the third line in what was either a brilliant coaching move or, more likely, total luck. Oh yeah, and we bag on Mike Brown as always.

Podcast 4 – 1000 Points and 3-on-3 All Star Format

As always, we got together early Sunday morning to recap the Sharks’ games of the previous week. We also talked about the company Patrick Marleau now keeps in the ‘1000 Point Club’ and how terrible All-Star games typically are. Unlike the NHL, though, we solve the problem with a truly unique format: The Goalie Fight Tournament (with love to American Gladiators).

Podcast 3, Take 2

After some technical difficulties last week, we’re back with a full podcast this time. This week’s topics include the Marleau trade rumors, whether Martin Jones is secretly a serial killer and the end (for now) of the crazy ‘Buffalo Curse’. We forgot to make fun of Colin for not remember what a Gordie Howe hat trick actually was in the Lost Podcast, though. Maybe next time.

Second Podcast – Are the Sharks This Bad?

We talk about possession in our podcasts, so here is an explainer for Corsi and Fenwick, in case you are curious how ‘possession’ is tracked.

In this week’s episode, we discuss our thoughts on whether the Sharks team we’ve seen since Logan Couture’s injury are the team that was hiding behind a hot start or a mirage? Also, Alex corrects himself on Marleau’s number change way back when, we all praise Joel Ward and Tomas Hertl and wonder what the heck is wrong with Brent Burns and Brendan Dillon. Oh yeah, Mike Brown is still bad, in case you were wondering.