CTC Podcast 76 – The DeBoer Explosion

It’s fair to say we’ve already had enough of Coach DeBoer (in all honesty, Ben had had enough at the end of last season) and this week included numerous examples of why we’d be glad to see him go. The #sjsharks may still be in a playoff spot, but the team remains a huge question mark, as much to us (the fans) as to the coaching staff. All this and more, on the podcast.

CTC Podcast 75 – The Pavelski Regression

We skipped a week, but now we’re back to talk about the last four #sjsharks games. Kind of a down-up-down series of games, but regardless — the Sharks are 7-3-0 in the last ten, better than any other team in the Pacific. Not that that’s saying much, as the Pacific is hot garbage. Lots of games coming up this week, starting tomorrow. So get caught up with the team via this week’s podcast beforehand and Go Sharks!

CTC Podcast 74 – The Demelo Reappearance

OK, actually, we don’t talk that much about Demelo (or at all this week — he’s still the mostly-invisible man on the San Jose Sharks defense), but 74 is his jersey number, so don’t @ me. Instead, Colin and Ben talk about a solid 4-win week and again question exactly what the hell this team is doing with it’s alleged youth movement. Labanc is going down to the ‘Cuda, Meier should more or less be in the same boat, but arguably demoting any of these guys is counterproductive. A lot to unpack from a week of #sjsharks action in this podcast. Enjoy and Go Sharks!