CTC Podcast 167 – Undefeated

One game, one win. Let’s start the playoffs, eh boys?

Or maybe not so fast. There were good signs in the first game of the season against the Winnipeg Jets, but there were also some of the weaknesses we’ve grown used to seeing over the last three years. Alex, Ben, and Colin discuss all of this and more while we wait patiently for the San Jose Sharks to, you know, play some more god-damned games.

CTC Podcast 166 – A New Season (and a hot mic, oops)

Circling the Cup podcast begins its seventh (SEVENTH!) season of Sharks discussion after a long summer off. If, like us, the offseason has seemed jam-packed with drama and upheaval and you need a catch up on all of the changes, well, have we got the podcast for you. It’s a bit super-sized, but there is some fun stuff ahead for you, not just in this podcast, but the Sharks’ season as well.

Go Sharks!

CTC Podcast 162 – Loan Sharks

Alex, Ben, and Colin caught up on Sunday and reacted to the Devan Dubnyk trade (Colorado, baby, what is you doin’?) and made predictions about the trade deadline. Now you can listen to see what they got right and what they got wrong.

Also, Marcus Sorensen, please stop punching people.

CTC Podcast 161 – Playoffs???

It feels like in the last couple years we always get to the point where we have to ask: is this team going to make the playoffs? This year, unlike the past, we’ve considered the current iteration of the #sjsharks “not a playoff team.” But maybe that’s changed. Alex and Ben talk about whether this team making the playoffs is good or bad, ultimately.

CTC Podcast 160 – Paul Martin and Mental Health

In case you missed it, this week it was revealed that ex-Shark had been struggling with substance abuse and depression during and after his playing days. Here’s a link to the article: https://www.twincities.com/2021/03/19/after-bottoming-out-former-gophers-nhl-star-paul-martin-see-the-light-again-im-pretty-lucky/.

Colin, Ben, and Alex reflect on what we didn’t know about Paul Martin’s struggles and about mental health in sports and in the United States at large. We also talk about the Sharks’ many losses this week, but less so.