CTC Podcast 71 – Labanc of America

The regular season is here! No facepunchers are on the roster! Kevin Labanc had 2 goals in the first game! The power play scored! You’d think this would be a recipe for happy Sharks fans. And for the most part, you’d be right — aside from the pesky detail of the final score of game 1. The PK was garbage. Jones was not good.

But it’s one game. So Colin and Ben talk mostly about what you can and can’t learn from a single game at the beginning of the season. There’s a long way to go. Beat LA and Go Sharks!

CTC Podcast 70 – Pacific Cesspool

Preseason is almost at an end and the Sharks have had their share of scary (though apparently minor) injuries and Jumbo still hasn’t skated in a game. That said, some smart people are picking the Sharks to have a pretty good regular season, and not just because the Pacific is a dumpster fire. We talk about that, which guys have seized roster spots, and there’s even a 5-minute interlude about protest at the end — with all due warning — ┬ábecause politics overlapped with the NHL this week (and only partly because Ben is a militant Constitutionalist).




CTC Podcast 69 – The Desjardins Retrospective

OK, no, we’re not actually going to talk about Desjardins. He was just dirty enough to once upon a time wear the #69 on his sweater and I love him for it. Instead, it’s FINALLY PRESEASON GAME TIME! We talk about the opportunity presented to a small number of former San Jose Barracuda to crack the opening night roster for the Sharks. There’s still a long way to go in the pre-season, but we already see some of the writing on the wall. Or we think we do. Listen and enjoy and GO SHARKS!


CTC Podcast 67 – The Marleau Excursion

We’re back after a long summer/off-season to kick-off season three by recapping a largely uneventful offseason for the San Jose Sharks. They lost some stuff (including Patrick Marleau to the Toronto Maple Leafs), they added back not very much, and seem to be LeBancing on a renaissance from some young players who might not be up to the task. We talk about some of those losses and our general outlook for the season largely hinging on en elderly Joe Thornton hoping to rehab a knee possibly held together by cotton candy.