CTC Podcast 91 – Kane-deer Games

A week that didn’t begin very promisingly, with the #sjsharks getting shut out by the Capitals, finished on a high note if you’re not accounting for a potentially devastating injury to revitalized Joonas Donskoi. The team’s playing coy with the details on that, by the way. Big shock. Regardless, after scoring zero in the Saturday game, the Sharks went on to put up 16 goals in winning the next three. And only one Rooster Trick in the bunch. All this and more.

CTC Podcast 90 – Two Games? TWO GAMES?!

Do you hate weeks in which the #sjsharks only have two games? Because we’re right there with you. Regardless, there was some stuff worth talking about, so Ben, Colin and Alex share their thoughts on the win(s), the loss(es), and the tire fire that is the Carolina Hurricanes’ GM situation…just because. We also roast Edmonton, because, duh.

CTC Podcast 89 – Boedkast News

Ok, so we’re calling this podcast the Boedkast, but we don’t actually have that much to say about the sexy Dane. Instead, we have a lot to tackle around the trade deadline (Erik Karlsson rumors and Evander Kane move) and even more around the two wins that came after the former Saber joined the #sjsharks. Tune in and hear it all!

CTC Podcast 88 – The Kane Konspiracy

The trade deadline is upon us and the Boston Bruins have wreaked havoc on the costs for underperforming UFAs by sending a boatload of crap to New York for Rick Nash. So if Doug is hoping to pry Evander Kane loose from Buffalo for peanuts, that plan is probably now kaput. Which is fine. Meanwhile, the Sharks had something of an up-and-down week, but that’s better than the couple of weeks that Aaron Dell has had. Alex, Ben and Colin talk about all that and more in this week’s podcast.

CTC Podcast 87 – The Hertl Impairment

In the short term, this was a great week for the #sjsharks. They won 3 of 4 games and kept hold of second in the Pacific. But at the same time, their depth was tested even further when another dirty hit removed Tomas Hertl from the lineup for an indeterminate amount of time. Meanwhile, DeBoer flailed about, first playing Burns at forward and then shortening his bench (potentially wearing down players that can’t really afford to accumulate wear and tear at this point). Which brings us once again to the discussion: what is this season about? What’s left in the cupboard? At least we aren’t Edmonton? All this and more.