CTC Podcast 59 – The Playoff Blues

It was an up-and-down week in Sharksland, as two playoff teams thumped our heroes, but two bad teams did what bad teams do — lost and lost hard. Which is actually a reversal of normality for the Sharks, who tend to play good teams well and fail to show up against the dregs of the NHL. Still, this week leaves us wondering — how prepared are the Sharks for the playoffs? We also talk about the Sharks’ long-time foil, the LA Kings and why they’re going to be golfing awfully soon.

CTC Podcast 58 – Portland is the Marleau of Cities

Did you hear that the Desert Dogs might not be in Arizona for much longer? Yes, we may be a San Jose Sharks podcast, but that fact is somehow important enough to us that we open the podcast discussing their trials and travails and potential new homes. But then we also find time to talk about the week’s games, an impressive win over the top team in the league, and the debut of Jannik Hansen. Four games this week, so go Sharks!

CTC Podcast 57 – The Goldobin Ejection

Nikolay Goldobin is no longer a San Jose Shark and of course in his first game as Vancouver Canuck he scored a goal. But it makes sense that he can break into the lineup of a bad team. So we discuss what forced Doug Wilson to make this call and whether this is a repeat of the Nick Bonino trade or not (though that’s a bit apples and oranges since Bonino was not a 1st rounder). Jannick Hansen is better than Travis Moen, right?  We better hope so.

All that and a lot more about two weeks of San Jose Sharks hockey.

CTC Podcast 56 – How Is This Team in First?

4 wins, six losses in their last ten. And yet, thanks to the loser point, the San Jose Sharks managed to not lose too much of their lead in the Pacific because:

A) Anaheim and Edmonton are also bad right now.

B) The loser point is terrible.

Alex and I talk about what the Sharks need to do to survive March if they want to get to the playoffs in first.

CTC Podcast 55 – The Less Said The Better?

It was a bad week in San Jose Sharks land — they played two bad teams and one unlucky one and lost all three, in occasionally embarrassing fashion. Despite that, the Sharks had built up enough of a lead to remain in first (and, also, the rest of the Pacific was playing like crap, too), so…does it matter? Well, a few things do. We talk about the continuing uncertainty the Sharks seem to have about their bottom six, the demotion of Kevin Labanc, the strange over-use of Martin Jones and more this week. Here’s hoping the next two morning games go better than these ones did.

CTC Podcast 54 – ALL HAIL 500 GOALS

Now, you would think that a week that featured two wins would be enough for San Jose Sharks fans, but no, good old Patrick Marleau also tossed in career goals #499 and #500. So, yeah, that’s a big topic this week for Colin, Alex and Ben. Not just that, though, we also talk about how fearsome this team looks with Tomas Hertl back in the line up and what the Sharks might look like as the playoffs get closer. Who is going to move? Is anybody going to move? Tune in to find out what we think.


CTC Podcast 53 – The Edmonton Media Have Their Heads on Straight

Apparently beating the Anaheim Ducks and then the San Jose Sharks (who had just played 6 games in like 9 days) means that you won the Stanley Cup. I didn’t know that, but the Edmonton Media certainly seem to think it’s true. Regardless, the San Jose Sharks have a lot of games still to play this season, are still in 1st place in the Pacific, and JUST GOT TOMAS HERTL BACK OMGOMGOMG. There are certainly things to fix, as Alex and I talk about this week, but streaky Patrick Marleau made a lot of good happen this week. Let’s hope for more of that as the team tries to get the power play back on track after the All-Star Break.