2016 Playoff Edition Podcast 3 – The One With Kings’ Delicious Tears

The Sharks will face the Nashville Predators or the Anaheim Ducks, but we spend a lot more time talking about the catharsis of this Sharks’ victory over a depleted Kings team in 5 games. The challenges only get harder as the Sharks move through the playoff grinder. Is Pavelski’s hand ok? I guess we’ll know soon. I had to unexpectedly bail partway through, but Alex and Colin kept things going for a full hour and bully to them. Go Sharks!

2016 Playoff Edition Podcast 2 – The One With the Deja Vu

The Sharks are coming home up 2-0 and have looked like the better team through the two games…for the most part. The same thing could have been said in 2014, the last time the Sharks went up 2-0 against the Kings in the first round of the playoffs. Alex, Colin and Ben talk about how and why this time might be different. Is it the new C (Joe Pavelski)? Is it Jumbo’s renewed determination and extra rest (and lack of leadership responsibilities)? Is it that our ‘league average goalie’ is better than theirs right now? At least one of those was true the last time the Sharks faced the Kings. Is it objectively silly to have to talk about whether the Kings have the Sharks where they want them by being down two games to none? We certainly hope it is. Go Sharks!

2016 Playoffs Edition Podcast 1 – The One Where I am Not Ready For This

It’s here! The Sharks have made the playoffs and get to face a cupcake better team as was the case two years ago when the Kings reverse-swept the Sharks and my heart. Alex has faith that the Sharks will pull it out while Ben is picking the Kings in six. So go ahead and send your hate tweets to @circlingthecup. Ben runs that account and deserves your scorn. Or maybe he’s just trying to jinx the Kings (editor’s note: it’s both. I think the Kings will win but I would love to jinx them).