CTC Podcast 149 – The Brendan Dillon Coffee ‘Cast

No, this episode isn’t about coffee. It’s just that Alex was high out of his gourd on coffee, apparently, the entire episode. But Starbucks, if you want to sponsor us with free late Friday night lattes, hit me up.

Anyway, this week we got some great questions about the rest of the season and beyond from the community and also bid farewell to Brendan Dillon, who’s going to a better place — Washington D.C.. And the playoffs.

Go Brendan Dillon. Thanks for everything.


CTC Podcast 148 – The 11 Million Dollar Thumb

We can rebuild it. Just not this year. So, what do the #sjsharks do with all of the LTIR cap space they just got? What do they do with their coaching spot once Boughner is not re-upped (we hope). What does the NHL do about the systemic racism that gives bad guy Evander Kane 3 games for a bad hockey play but $5000 fine to bad guy Zdeno Chara for clubbing bad guy Brendan Gallagher illegally? Colin and I discuss this and more.