2016 Stanley Cup Final Edition Podcast 1 – The One With the Burgeoning Bandwagon

Holy moly, the San Jose Sharks closed out the St. Louis Blues in six games and, in doing so, made franchise history. We also make history in this podcast by addressing our first piece of listener mail right up front. After that, we talk about the fanwagon that’s forming up in San Jose as well as the challenges of jumping into hockey this time of year (seriously, though, all aboard everybody, you’re more than welcome to join us watching the best sport on Earth). We also address how the Sharks beat a Blues team that wasn’t all the media wanted you to think it was and the amazing match-up with the Pittsburgh Crosby’s Penguins that begins tomorrow night. Colin and Ben are even confident enough to make predictions for the series, but Alex wimps out.

2016 Playoff Edition Podcast 7 – The One Where We Don’t Get Excited

We’re four games into the Blues series now and, like the one against Nashville, the results and effort have been at least a bit up and down. Colin had to work, so Alex and Ben talk about not getting excited when the Sharks went up 2-1 in a Western Conference Final for the first time and how you could see Game 4’s letdown coming a mile away. We also talk about what the Sharks need to do to win the ‘best of three’ series beginning tonight in St. Louis. Spoiler: it involves DeBoer continuing to not panic and riding the guys who got him here.

2016 Playoff Edition Podcast 6 – The One with the Big Man Baby Rinne

That was one heck of a week the Sharks had, in finishing off the Nashville Predators in seven games. As Ben likes to say, the Sharks became the first team in NHL history to win 4 home games AND a road game in one series. Too bad about them refs, though. With the #perds behind though (we actually don’t really talk about Rinne’s tantrum), the St. Louis Blues are ahead, a tougher test. We look back and forward in this week’s podcast, recorded before the first game of the Western Conference Finals. Spoiler: We all pick the Sharks to win a long series.

2016 Playoff Edition Podcast 5 – The One with the Up and Down Week

When last we left the Sharks, they’d won the first game of the series. In between the last podcast and this one, there were four games played and we (Alex, Ben and Colin) went through the full gamut of Sharks’ fan playoff emotions: hope, dread, sadness, more dread, and then terror. And that was just games 3 and 4. So, it was with great joy that we observed a crucial non-Sharks meltdown in game 5, led by giant skating douchebag Ryan Johansen. We talk about the rollercoaster and the crucial playoff performances of Joonas Donskoi, Logan Couture, Jumbo, Pavs, Martin Jones and, yes, head coach Peter DeBoer (who’s been pulling all the right levers so far, it seems, certainly compared to TMac, at least). Off to Game 6, we all go!

2016 Playoff Edition Podcast 4 – The One with the #PERDictions

The #Perds have come to town and now we know that they’ve left with zero wins. That said, we recorded the podcast with only a result in hand, so Ben, Colin and Alex talk about Anaheim’s (over)reaction to 4 straight game 7 losses, comparisons to the Sharks collapse in 2014 (and history as ‘chokers’), and then, yeah, we talk about the Friday night’s win. Pekke Rinne had a bad year, but his series so far is only a touch below Martin Jones’.

Oh yeah, we got our first NHL player follower, too. What a country!