CTC Podcast 198 – A Freaking Mess

You might think that I am referring to the James Reimer Pride Night situation…AND I AM. I’m also referring to the technical difficulties faced by Colin this week which turned him into a podcast listener, rather than a contributor. This one is a bit all over the place, but I hope you enjoy. Also, Pride Night forever.

CTC Podcast 193 – Dirtl Hertl

The #sjsharks are still bad, but this week added two little twists: the season-ending injury to Luke Kunin and the suspension of Tomas “Babe Ruth” Hertl for taking a swing at a dude’s head with his stick. Alex and Ben talk about that and why Ben has decided that the team in teal should bring back Micheal Haley, John Scott, and Mike Brown. #tealtankathon #bombhardforbedard #futilityforfantilli