CTC Podcast 109 – Groundhog Weeks

Much like the #sjsharks seems to be going in circles right now, we didn’t want to just tread the same ground over and over and over. So, we’ve got a bit of a shorter ‘cast this week. Colin explains. Ben rants. Alex tries to hold everything together. Let’s hope that things look up after 5 games in 7 days this coming week. Go Sharks! (And fire DuhBoer)

CTC Podcast 108 – The Salt Will Continue Until Outcomes Improve

The #sjsharks went 2-1 this week and stand 1st in the Pacific. One might think this would leave our jolly group of podcasters with optimism and a positive outlook. And if you thought that, I have to ask: have you met Ben? So, we have some griping about the same old trends we’ve seen all year: Jones is playing poorly, as is the defense, and DuhBoer seems to have no solution. What is to be done? Listen and find out. Go Sharks!

CTC Podcast #107 – Four is the Angriest Number

The Sharks have given up at least 3 or 4 goals in each of their last 9 games. Coincidentally, they have only won 4 of their last 9 games. Most of this run of iffy results is down to poor goalie play and terrible coaching decisions. So, we wonder: Would the #sjsharks be better off with Coach Q, recently released by the Blackhawks? After considering that question, we also cover the 1-2-0 week that was. There’s anger. There’s recrimination. It’s just another early week in long season, in other words. Go Sharks!

CTC Podcast 106 – It’s Always #TimoTime Somewhere

Timo Meier has become something of a monster in the early part of this season. Whether he can maintain this pace is a huge question, but so far he might be the one unmitigated bright spot of the first #sjsharks 14 games. There’s been a lot of not so good stuff at the coaching level, so if that can change, Timo’s emergence is big sign of what could be coming for the team. Alex and Colin talk about Timo, the games, and DuhBoer, this week. Go Sharks!

CTC Podcast 105 – DuhBoer in Duh House

A week that started off rather well, with a prototype-style win over the Islanders at home and a come-from-behind victory over a very good #perds team IN Nashville ended with serious acrimony after some, let’s call it, questionable coaching decisions leading into playing a very, very good Carolina team. We talk about the not-so-great coaching we’ve seen from DuhBoer so far and the edgelord bs you might be hearing about Erik Karlsson being bad at hockey with the #sjsharks. Listen, enjoy, and GO SHARKS!