CTC Podcast 138 – Bottom Feeding

This week, the #sjsharks got wins over the two bad team, in the Chicago Blackhawks and the Minnesota Wild, while also losing big to the Vancouver Canucks, of all teams. So what does it all mean? There have been some lineup changes that might or might not mean a lot, right? The best NHL defensemen ever is back from his knee injury, or so we’re told. We discuss all this and more.

CTC Podcast 134 – Inmates Run Asylum

We’re 2 games into the 2019-2020 season and the #sjsharks look like literal crap. One could argue this is a combination of stupidity (Evander Kane) and free agency (Joonas Donskoi, Gustav Nyquist, and Joe Pavelski) depriving the team of needed talent. But that would be overlooking other major flaws and also that the new guys to the team have played better hockey than the guys that have been here a bit. Basically: fire Peter DuhBoer.

CTC Podcast 133 – Sense or Nonsense?

The preseason is still in progress, but we talk a bit about what Sharks fans have seen so far and which players have stood out to us. We also spend a little time on season predictions and generally carry on non-sensically. What do you want? It’s preseason.

Hopefully we figured out our audio level issues. Let us know if not!