CTC Podcast 112 – Bounces, man. Bounces.

You know how we mentioned that everything was or was not better last week? Well, having won five of six, including this week, many of our fellow fans have concluded that the #sjsharks are fine and don’t need no stinking fixing. Even if the goalie’s save percentage is still .900 after the intervention of a stanchion and what could only be a slip-and-slide embedded to the right of the crease. Anyway, we talk about where this team really is right now (the same place they were two weeks ago) and who knows, really, where it will go. Hopefully they can just keep up the lucky winning they’ve recently exhibited.

Go Sharks!

2 thoughts on “CTC Podcast 112 – Bounces, man. Bounces.

  1. Hey guys,

    Thanks for staying up to date on the podcast.

    This weeks topic (weak goaltending). Obviously that 4th goal by the JETS hurt and I was mostly pissed at Jones for that goal against. But I would also like to place some blame on Vlasic on that particular play. He had time to make a better play off of that lob pass from the Jets defense, but he instead makes a weak pass through the middle at his own blue line that turns into a turnover (cardinal sin much). I know that Pavelski mishandled it a bit and i don’t think it was actually intended for Pavelski but I think Vlasic was trying to make the ‘Karlsson’ (Erik) type of play. So yes Jones was responsible for that horrible positioning but Vlasic in my mind was to blame for that particular GA.

    This brings me to another point (question)… now that Vlasic has that massive contract and the Sharks brought in Karlsson.. do you think there is something in particular going on with Vlasic and his tremendous drop off this year? is it complacency? age maybe? or do you think there is actually a rift in the locker room with him and Karlsson?

    Ben touched on Jones being better as of late and I completely agree, I think Jones is at his best when he is focused on his positioning (unlike most of the season and that 4th GA vs WPG)

    Going to the game vs LA tomorrow! Go Sharks
    (I hope they start Jones) coontrary to this weeks podcast

    Thanks for the shoutout the other week too.

    Chris Eglesia


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