CTC Podcast 110 – We’ve Got Mail

A listener message prompted us to rant for a bit. The #sjsharks went 2-2 and pretended to make meaningful changes to the coaching  during the week. We talk about how that was an insult to the fans’ intelligence and wonder if this is a lost year already. So, yeah, cheery. Go Sharks!

2 thoughts on “CTC Podcast 110 – We’ve Got Mail

  1. I just wanted to say that I have been trying to put together a viable lineup for the sharks for sometime now… and for the forwards I always get it down to 11 guys with a missing winger. Whenever I try and remember who it is (ball & chain) Melker Karlsson pops up after about 5 minutes of thinking. I think there is a reason I am forgetting him LOL.

    Would a Braun and M.Karlsson trade for a middling 2nd (probably 3rd winger) be the right move for the sharks at this point? If so would you prefer it to be a checker (grinder), 2 way player (not freaking jannik hansen), or a pure score whom can slot in next to hertl and couture (like a connor sheary)?

    Just wanted to say I enjoy listening to you guys.


    -Christopher Eglesia


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