CTC Podcast 62 – Knees Don’t Bend That Way

Well, if you thought we were bleak last week, before Jumbo’s knee was structurally undone by a Vancouver Canuck, just you wait ’til you get a load of this podcast. Allow me to summarize the predicament the San Jose Sharks find themselves in as the playoffs begin:

  1. This team was already ill before the injuries hit and no one, including Pete DeBoer, seemed to have a vaccine.
  2. This team is now missing its top 2 C’s and they won’t be healthy when the playoffs begin.
  3. This team has not been forthcoming about injuries like those suffered by Couture and Jumbo (and why would they be?)
  4. The teams the Sharks may face have been gaining confidence over the last month, not setting confidence on fire like our beloved team in teal.

Now, yes — anything can happen when the playoffs begin. Maybe Jumbo and Couture are closer to 100% than we know. Kevin Kurz isn’t saying (insiders…oy), but…don’t bet your house on it, maybe.

One way or the other, I’ll be living or (more likely) dying with this team again. Go Sharks.


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