CTC Podcast 37 – Good Night, Dan Boyle

Dan Boyle returned to San Jose this week to announce his retirement in a nice little press conference helmed by Randy Hahn. Colin and I reflect on what Dan Boyle meant to the Sharks and whether he’ll have a shot at the Hall of Fame or not. Meanwhile, Training Camp is still on-going, though most of the young guys have gone to the Barracuda for their pre-season now. We discuss whether the Sharks are going to waste their 13th forward spot on Micheal Haley (likely) or whether there is a chance that Goldobin (no), Goodrow (not likely) or Labanc (eh) have a chance of sticking with this team out of camp, on the forward side. We already know Demelo is screwed because of the organizations myopia about Dillon on defense, so not much to talk about there. Game 1 of the new season is SO CLOSE NOW. Go Sharks!

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