2016 Stanley Cup Final Edition Podcast 2 – The One Where Joonas Saves the Season

The San Jose Sharks were dangerously close to being down three games to none in the OT of Game 3, and for the most part hadn’t deserved any better than that. Aside from the play of Martin Jones in goal, the Pens had been the better team for much of the series. But, thanks to some not-so-great play from Matt Murray and the heroics of Joel Ward, we’re going to Game 4 with the Sharks having a shot at evening the series. We talk about how we got here, Alex’s experience attending a Stanley Cup Final at the Shark Tank and what the Sharks might need to do to get a Stanley Cup (play Polak and Dillon less, if you can). Are injuries adding up to poor performance or are the Pens largely the better team? We’ll see Monday night.

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