Podcast 8 – The One Where Pavs is Gutsy

Colin, sadly, had his headset confiscated at Swedish border security or something, so it’s just Ben and Alex this week. First, we discuss which player around the NHL would make the very best present, gift-wrapped (possibly hog-tied) and left lovingly under the San Jose Sharks’ communal Christmas Tree by Santa Doug Wilson. After that we talk a lot about narrative with a capital N. Apparently by virtue of getting some lucky breaks against the Kings, suddenly the local media is thinking that the Sharks, hoisted on the manly shoulders of Captain America (Joe Pavelski), and his ungodly hands, are gutsy. He should send a holiday card to Milan Lucic for being such a meathead, I guess. Anyway, no way the label lasts more than one home game  before the inevitable 5-goal meltdown later this week. The Sharks everybody!

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