CTC Podcast 144 – The Cliff Approaches

Colin and Ben get together this week to look forward and backwards and try to answer the question of not just where this #sjsharks team is (it’s bad) but, also, where could it possibly go for the rest of the year. Which leads to a natural discussion of what’s going to happen when (not if) this team misses the playoffs. Listen in to find out our thoughts.

CTC Podcast 138 – Bottom Feeding

This week, the #sjsharks got wins over the two bad team, in the Chicago Blackhawks and the Minnesota Wild, while also losing big to the Vancouver Canucks, of all teams. So what does it all mean? There have been some lineup changes that might or might not mean a lot, right? The best NHL defensemen ever is back from his knee injury, or so we’re told. We discuss all this and more.